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Styled after vintage 70's skate decks, James Perse limited edition skateboards reflect the soul of where the movement began on the beaches of Southern California. Made in Los Angeles, each is unique and individually handcrafted from select solid walnut planks accented with solid wenge strips for added stability. Mated to high-performance trucks and wide, pavement-hugging, vintage style polyurethane wheels, James Perse skateboards are versatile; cruise the longboard casually or dare to freestyle with the standard kicktail board.

Longboard: 45"
Freestyle Deck: 32"

For more information, or to place an order for yourself or as a gift, please contact or visit the James Perse Showrooms.

James Perse Showroom at Pacific Design Center 
8687 Melrose Avenue B-130 West Hollywood CA 90069
Tel 323 606 7660

Store Hours:
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm 

James Perse New York Showroom
285 Spring Street New York NY 10013
Tel 212 255 5801

Store Hours:
By appointment

Color  Teak
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